Smart traveling: way to go!

Participating with Zuid-Limburg inBeweging was possible up to 31 December 2017. Therefore, signing up for the program is no longer possible. We would like to thank our more than 3,000 participants for their efforts and we hope that the advantages of traveling on a bicycle or with public transport have been a good experience. Way to go!

You can also be a smart traveler by taking your bike or public transport!
Standing still means going back. You truly experience this when you’re stuck in a traffic jam. That awfully long line of vehicles, day in, day out. Many commuters are tired of it, plain and simple. You, too, can leave this hassle behind.

Did you know many people have already gone before you? Who went from standing still in their cars to moving forward with their bikes, e-bikes, or public transport? The first step was tough, because you do need to make that decision and go for it. But then, without exception, came the feeling of ‘I should have done this years ago.’ That little bike ride, being outside with your hair in the wind, every day. Or being on the move to the bus or train station — when you travel with public transport, you contribute to more sustainability.

Basically, just get on your bike or take public transport more often. Less stress, fewer worries, more sustainability and you’ll improve your health and stamina. What do you stand to lose?


We wish you a lot of fun traveling smart!